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About Me

This is Pragyan Bhattarai, Civil Engineer.

I am having experience of more than 5 years in the field of Civil Engineering and Research. In this website you can get many information about me.

Civil Engineer

I am Registered civil Engineer in Nepal Engineering Council by professional having more than 5 years experience in the civil Engineering Field.


I am Registered young Researcher of Nepal, i am registered in ministry of education for research work related to journals and working in the field of research for strengthing the research platform in Nepal. I have published more than 9 research papers in reputed journals.


I also do write about the latest trends that need to be followed and improvization techniques in major Newspaper Op-Ed section so as to make people aware about the latest trends and innovation that need to be followed

Young Entrepreneur

I am able to create some opportunity for others as well in my own field and i have been accrediated with Young Entrepreneur Award as well.

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My Achivements

Here are some of my Achivements that i have been through so far

1. Commencement of International Journal as Associate editor in chief and research engineer for contributing the research arena of Nepal and the world .

2. Awarded the post of Researcher (Research Engineer) for helping the research arena around the world by Basha Research Corporation(BRCORP), India section

3. Awarded Best Research paper Award for innovation and research by TJRPC, India (One of reputed Research journal)

4. Awarded certificate of appreciation for National level graphic designing conducted by Anna Purna Post Nepal's Leading National Newspaper¡¨

5. Appreciation from NAST, Nepal

6. Awarded Certificate of Appreciation by S.R.M University, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India for finalist in National Level Symposium for topic ¡§Earthquake Resistance Design¡¨ in Paper presentation section

7. Awarded certificate of Appreciation by IIT-Mumbai, India for Poster Presentation on ¡§Need of Green Revolution in developing country¡¨

8. Best paper selection in Environment Section with a topic "Green Building for poor people", in Indian Science Congress, a reputed Conference with chief guest Prime minister of India.

9. Nominated for Young Scientist Award by TJRPC

10. Nominated for Young Entrepreneur Award

11. Appreciation from Tourism Board Nepal

12. Nominatted by U.S Embassy as a U.S.Embassy Youth Advisory Council 2015



1. Associate Editor Chief Of International Journal Of Engineering Research and General Science ( having impact factor of 3.72 ICV and Indexed by reputed engines as GOOGLE SCHOLAR, DORJ, RESEARCH BIBLE etc.
2. Director, Planning and Review Engineering Consultancy and Research Center Pvt. Ltd  (Engineering Consultancy and research center which serves Nation in different construction and planning deeds and also maintain research Journal) For Detail log on to our website (Already Resigned)
3. Lecturer Of various Civil Engineering Subjects of Different reputed Engineering collage of Nepal
4. Registered Member and Engineer, American Society Of Civil Engineers (ASCE USA).

5. Register Engineer and member, International Association Of Engineers (IAENG, USA)
6.Register Engineer, Nepal Engineering Council, Nepal
7. Register Member, Cafet-innova Society
8. Research Engineer, Basha Research corporation(Singapore) 
9 Member, Engineer Association Of Nepal
10 Registered Member and Engineer, American Concrete Society (ACI, USA)


 Good handling capacity of Professional software
-AutoCAD, STAAD PRO, ANSYS, STRUDS, GIS, EDU-SHAKE, GOOGLE SKETCH, ESRI GSRI, SAAP, Office Packages, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash
 Good handling skill of COMPUTER HARDWARE
-Assembling, Troubleshooting, Operating, Maintenance
 Good in surveying, estimating and Designing for construction

1. English (Fluent in speaking and writing)
2. French (Good in speaking and writing)
3. Nepali (Fluent in speaking and writing)
4. Hindi (Fluent in speaking and writing)
5. Telgu (Low level Understanding)

 Performance of metallic structure in ANSYS for FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS
 Designing of Green House in a convenient way focusing to designing and planning aspect targeting normal users who can’t effort high budget.
 Designing of eco-friendly, energy efficiency straw bale house and study of its scope in developing countries.
 Need of amendment of GREEN BUILDINGS rules and regulation

 Associate Editor in chief and Research Engineer of International Journal of Engineering Research and General Science.
= Lecturer of various Engineering subjects in different reputed Engineering collage in Nepal
= Intern in Design section Of Nepal Electricity Authority
 Two Years experience at Basha Research Corporation (BRCORP), a research corporation which conduct research and aid research work as RESEARCH ENGINEER.
 6 month of site experience as “Site Engineer Intern” in N.V.Rattaih and cooperation, Hyderabad, India
 1 month of Training in Hydro project in Nepal, Khulekhane Hydro project under taken by Government of Nepal
 Workshop on scope of GIS in IIT,MUMBAI, INDIA
 Workshop On Green Technology in K.L.University, Andra Pradesh, India



 THESIS (All Project thesis executed during my study period)

1. Structural Thesis
2. Project Thesis (Practical Field)
3.Structural project Report
3. Green Technology Thesis

SOFTWARE COMMAND (All software sample work used during project and research work, done by me)

1. AutoCAD
a. Building plan sample  b. Structural Design Plan

2. Struts
a.Whole Building plan in Struts
a.1 Beam Design Plan  a.2 Slab Design Plan a.3 Center line Design Detail   a.4 Footing Design Detail    a.5 Structural Analysis Report From Struts

a. Water Network Analysis(Modelling)  b. Source Modelling  c.Slope Modelling d. Project as a whole

4. Excel

a. Sample Structural Analysis  b. Project analysis using Excel (Deflection and Moment)c. Rainfall Analysis and Data Prediction using Excel

5. Revit
a. Simple Plan from Revit Software

6.Google Sketch Up
a.Drafting 3D

a.Plane Frame Analysis 

a. Esimation

9.Ansys and HyperMesh 
a. Finite Element Analysis Of Structure 
   a.1      a.2        a.3    

10. Origin (Software for Graph arrangement)
a. Graph so generated by origin

11. Research Papers
a. International Research Papers   b. National Research Papers       c. Newspaper Research Articles 

12. SAAP
a. Bridge Design and Analysis

Note- These all are the documents which are originally workout by me during my projects, research and finding across different places. These all are sample files and i can't upload full information as their might be a problem for me. If you want any assistance regarding the project i have already executed. Feel free to contact me. I will always help you,. Thank You



Pragyan has publish more than 10 International Papers and more than 15 Research Articles and his research paper, conference papers and newspaper Articles are published in many Reputed Publication Of National and International levels. Many more will be Updated in upcoming days.

INTERNATIONAL PUBLICATION (This papers also can be found by simply goggling)

 Research Paper in the topic “Behavior of Metallic Plates Using Finite Element Method and Its Application in Civil Engineering” published in International Journal of ADVANCED SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY (IJASRT), ISSUE 2, VOLUME 2 (APRIL 2012), pp – 308- 316 ISSN: 2249-9954, USA

 Research Paper in the topic “Straw bale in construction of building and its scope in india” published in International Journal of modern Engineering Research(IJMER), Vol 2, Issue 2, Mar-Apr 2012 pp-422-426, ISSN: 2249-6645, India

 Research Paper in the topic “Green Buildings and need of its Flexibility to create sustainability in every society” Published in International Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering and Developments Vol. 1, Issue 3, Jan 2013, ISSN No-2249-6149, RS Publication, USA

 Research paper in the topic “ANALYSIS OF THE EFFECT OF CRACK WIDTH, CRACK LOCATION AND LOADING ON A METALLIC ELEMENT USING FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS AND ITS APPLICATION IN CIVIL ENGINEERING” Published in Journal of Civil, Structural, Environmental, Water resources and Infrastructure Engineering research (JCSEWIER), ISSN 2278-3539, Vol-2, Issue 2 sep 2012 page 33-46, Impact factor- 1.1215

 Research paper in the topic “Engineering Behavior of Soil Reinforced With plastic Strips” Published in International Journal of Civil, Structural, Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering Research and Development(IJCSEIERD), ISSN- 2249-6866, Vol.3, Issue 2013, 83-88, Impact factor- 5.4 (Award winning Paper)

 Research paper in the topic “Guidelines for embracing Green Building Technology for Sustainable Development in Developing countries”, Published in International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, ISSN- 2229-5518 Vol. 4, Issue 5, may-2013, impact factor- 1.4

 Research paper in the topic"A pragmatic proposal for award of credits to qualify as a green building in developing country", Published in International Journal of Engineering Research and General Science, ISSN- 2091-2730 Vol. 1, Issue 1, may-2013 page- 43-56, Nepal

National Publication

 Research paper in the topic “ANALYSIS OF THE EFFECT OF CRACK WIDTH, CRACK LOCATION AND LOADING ON A METALLIC ELEMENT USING FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS AND ITS APPLICATION IN CIVIL ENGINEERING” Published in Journal of Civil, Structural, Environmental, Water resources and Infrastructure Engineering research (JCSEWIER), ISSN 2278-3539, Vol-2, Issue 2 sep 2012 page 33-46, Impact factor- 1.1215, India

Conference Proceedings 

 Presented Research Paper in the topic “Green Buildings and need of its Flexibility to create sustainability in every society”, World Conference on Applied Sciences and Engineering Technology (WCSET 2012) organized by Bhasha Research Center at Hi-land, India.

Newspaper Publication

 Article on "Green Dream (Revolution in construction and Planning Approach with Green Concept), Published in Nepal's Leading Newspaper Main OP-ED Section of MY REPUBLICA, 2013-08-29

 Article on "Earthquake Resistant Design, Importance Of Design and Safety (Inspiring Article for implementing Basic ideas to be safe from future Earthquake), Published in Nepal's Famous newspaper Main OP-ED Section of The Himalayan TImes, 2013-09-04

= Article on "Need Of Revolution in Civil Engineering Of Nepal", Published on main section, Submission Article

= Article on " A promising alternative (Most Economical and Sustainable material for construction in order to bring revolution in construction), Published in Nepal's Leading Newspaper Main Development Section of The Kathmandu Post,  2013-11-12

= Article on " Election with Integrated Technology(Needs of advancement in Election process with aid of advance Technology and engineering methods to be applied for more efficiency and accuracy), Published in Nepal's Leading Newspaper Opinion Section of The Himalayan Times,  2013-11-21

= Article on " Constructing Green Structures, Research oriented study and finding,(Needs of make all users to be aware about the efficiency of green structure and its implementation approach), Published in Nepal's Leading Newspaper Main OP-ED Section of The Himalayan Times,  2014-1-17

= Article on " Designing and Retrofitting Techniques,(Needs for all users to be aware about the efficiency of Retrofitting and need of its implementation approach), Published in Nepal's Leading Newspaper Main OP-ED Section of The Himalayan Times,  2014-2-26

= Article on " Dead Water,(Needs of right approach at right time for the conservation of water resources in an engineering way, our approach for astute water resources planning must be effective and sustainable ), Published in Nepal's Leading Newspaper Main OP-ED Section of The Kathmandu Post,  2014-3-20

= Article on " Clean and green water resources: Bank on engineering approach  (The conservation of water resources in an engineering way, our approach for astute water resources planning must be effective and sustainable ), Published in Nepal's Leading Newspaper Main OP-ED Section of The Himalayan TImes,  2014-5-1

= Article on " Landslide Control mechanism  (How to get rid of extream Landslides  ), Published in Nepal's Leading Newspaper Main OP-ED Section of The Himalayan TImes,  2014-9-15

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Making The City Green

China has paced up in development and implementing their appraoch can be difficult due to their advance technology but learning from India and their techniques to remold the city as Gujrat and Andra Pradesh can be inspiration for us

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Interview/ Get in Touch

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  • I thought it would be a good thing to include my interview on a personal website too, It would definitely helps to understand me more. I have tried to answer many question wisely 

    What was your first job?
    I worked as an Intern in Nepal Electricity Office, Design section

    Who's influenced your career most (and why)? 
    I don't mind taking his name, as he is one who helped me every time with his inspiration and blessing. He is my father. He didn't teach me just to study hard but more importantly he taught me to be wiser. It's better to lose something by you then to snatch others sweat and toil, we have to pay that ultimately which might rain with lots of hinders. So better to be good to others and don't harm other. This words of him really have made my life a good way of living. His success and hard work have made me not to drag my attention for anything rather i can learn from him in my Eco friendly home.  He r expect anything in return, what we plant ultimately we will archive it whether we like it or not. These inspirations has really drag me to the conclusion that really success is embraced by those who believe in hard work, helping others and be determinant, but not to those who always believe in faith. You should dream high and speak high then ultimately you will be prone to those kinds of activities. 

    What's the best piece of advice you could give someone? 
    I always request everyone to have faith on yourself than what other think about you doesn't matter. Be accountable, do good to other. within a domain of time you will get the return and just thinking of others success and banging your head return nothing, so appreciate yourself before other appreciate you because best that can judge you is nothing more than yourself. 
    And surround yourself with positive people, work hard, have fun, finish what you start, take care of your health. 

    What's the skill you'd most like to have? 
    I'd love to talk to people irrespective of their age and grab innovative and practical knowledge that they possess and also inspire them with my words. I just want to be intelligent for what i do.

    What's on your desk? 
    I always move with my cell phone and note book and my CV

    What's your favourite holiday destination? 
    I love beautiful places of Nepal like nagarkot, pokhara and many more where i can understand the nature and nature can understand me.

    What car do you drive? 
    Right now I have no car. But sometime i drive my father one a TATA Honda. 

    What are you passionate about? 
     This could be a long list but it's probably summed up best as: i am passionate for what i do, when i start anything until and unless it gets success i never give up. I have endorsed swami Vivekananda's voice you are the reflection of what you did yesterday and you will be tomorrow is the reflection of today. So work hard and make safe your future which only is possible when you have passion.

    Who's your business or personal hero/heroine? 
    In terms of business, Bill Gate is my inspiration we should get on to it with our determination and everything would be possible. Technology is just the small portion of human kind, now we can think
    what more is left behind and we can perform.

    What would be your perfect day away form work? 
    Well I'd be happy if i can be somewhere to help poor people as far as i can, and their happiness in return makes my day a perfect one and beside this my family around me also make my day . 

    What's your greatest business achievement? 
    Till now i am not into the business but my intention and approach is definitely to build a good business of my own which shouldn't be limited to business. Business acclaim until and unless there is no profit there is no business but i want to make a business where achievement, success and hard work matters. I want to make the money to rush behind us, not our team to rush behind that. New innovation, economical approach, astute application is best business for me, where people get satisfied, i always declaim that business done against the users benefits is not a business in spite of a financial success that organization achieve,  

    What's your greatest personal achievement? 
    I commenced an International Journal in my own country and i am trying to make students and scholars to get to the field of research. Learning with a practice can bring up some innovation is my perception and we are also trying to make it international level so that our Nepal get expose to it. This is my greatest achievement till date, the inspiration and applauder that professors and students provide me is my success. I can sense the big success soon following us meanwhile we need to do hard work to achieve it. 

    What's your favourite gadget? 
    I'm not a gadget person but my cell phone SMARTPHONE of Samsung is my best as it has been helping me in my engineering practices and many other deeds. 

    What's your favourite quote or motto? 
    "Let our sweat and toil get spread to poor one but we shouldn't take others sweat and toil at any cost, Who deserve must get, Don't be happy for what you have now and if you have achieve it with some bad deeds then you have to pay double of it in future which can rain in front of you in any form so be careful"-- my father 

    What's the best/worst quality in a leader? 
    Well for me personally I think leader should think about the community first before his family then only our community can get developed which can make a person a great leader.

    What would you choose as your last meal? 
    I won't think about the food all the time. what's there, its  for me.

    What was the worst piece of advice you've been given? 
    "Don't lose your hope, do best, failure is first step to success." 
    its really pathetic to endorse the people with positive words in difficult time. Sorrow makes good words also bitter. 

    What was your best meeting ever (and why)? 
    My talk to Dr Putcha of University Of California for getting suggestion for my journal extension was a best meeting as i learn that best way to get success is having patient and determination. Time heals everything and shows us new horizon in life.

    What's your favourite pastime/relaxation activity? 
    I love being with my good friend who understand my feeling.

    What's your favourite music/musician? 
    its my Nepali  Om mane peme classical music. 

    What's your all time favourite book (and why)? 
    I can 't forget the book "YOU CAN WIN", best book with best instance for all the cases. I really loved it and revised it for three times and i also suggest all students this book.

    What's the thing you hate the most? 
    Its when people do not do the things as per my expectation. Planning and not fulfilling the task makes me irritated  

    What did you want to be as a child? 
    I always dreamed to be a great personality, who brings up innovation. 

    What can't you live without? 
    My parents

    Name one person you'd like to have dinner with (and why)? 
    Its a secret one and its definitely a special one because having dinner with a pleasant person which your heart has endorsed make your dinner a super one.

    Tell us about a turning point in your career 
    Its still to be encountered

    What was your worst job? 
    I haven't sensed it till date.

    What's the best thing about your job? 
    My satisfaction and others happiness

    If you weren't in your current role, what would you be doing? 
    I would have been busy with others work. 

    What was your worst mistake (and what did you learn)? 
    Sorry i can't share. Lets think that we don't make mistake and even we have done it, its a story and story make no sense, present does

    What's your future plans?

    I have planned to be dear to all and do my own business where innovation and hard work matters than anything else. Which can bring revolution to the world with a simple, innovation approach.

    Lastly you have something to share?
    Lets not complain on others, first lets evaluate our self and proceed. This is a life where we have chance to do many thing and make our self alive forever so lets not loose this opportunity. Always admire the fact that ultimately we have to leave with nothing in our hand so better lets make some difference. working just for our shake brings nothing fruitful later on. Lets make something which we can be proud of, which other have not been able to think about.  

    Thank You Very Much